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Building a beautiful, successful, impactful brand matters to me.


My passion lies in brand development: creating logos, choosing colors, developing looks, and guiding how a brand evolves. People attach themselves emotionally to brands. I want to make sure you build your identity on a strong foundation. Helping new and established businesses accomplish their goals through effective brand design is my professional strength.

I want to get to know you, your team, and your business. I want to show you off to the world. It’s what I love to do.

Here are a few of the key elements of making a brand impactful.

  • Logos

  • Color Schemes

  • Patters and Graphics

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Photography Styles

  • Advertisements

  • Website Design

  • Content Development

  • Interior Spaces

"Eighty 8" problems, but a brand ain't one.

Logo + Secondary Graphics + Interior Branding + Mural

When a friend of mine decided to open a new bar and showed me ideas for his new logo, my mind exploded with creative possibilities. Once I had a clear feeling for the vibe the bar owner wanted to create, we were able to come up with a clean cursive logo that had a retro style. I wanted to ensure that my client had plenty of options for apparel and other branded items, so a range of secondary logos were created. 


Once the logo was approved, the owner consulted me on interior color selections and future brand expansion projects. As we brainstormed, I looked for interior branding opportunities, and a mural was commissioned for a wall near the front of the bar. 

Modern artwork is an all-natural fit.

Logo + Iconography 

Cultivate Chiropractic is a small practice that focuses on overall wellness and natural living. This husband and wife team approached me to create a clean, modern logo that was basic yet created impact in a town of 3,500 where there are already established chiropractic practices. 


With guidance from the doctor's already established social media channels, I got a feel for the style and atmosphere they wanted to create in their new venture. This project was as much about branding the business as it was about creating a lifestyle brand. I kept the font choice linear and designed hand-drawn elements to reinforce the ideas. of cultivation, healthy living, and growth. Cultivate Chiropractic will use this black-and-white logo system on social media, interior and exterior branding, signage, and all other promotional materials. 

Geo-locational elements to promote new economic efforts.

Logo + Iconography 

As far as rural revitalization efforts go, the town of Albion, Nebraska, is making leaps and bounds! The Albion Economic Development Corporation Board (AEDC) wanted to create a logo that made a huge visual impact on growing their community, adding new businesses, and increasing citizen opportunities. 


Developing a logo with a committee of people is always challenging; bringing many ideas to the table and sorting through opinions can be a minefield. However, The AEDC Board proved to be very consistent in their requests, and all members helped push us toward a pleasing outcome. After providing the group with a questionnaire to ensure everyone had input, I created a list of words that consistently appeared across all responses. They were: fun, modern, friendly, and welcoming. 


The resulting design featured geographical elements representing the current and historical inroads to Albion, the intersection of two state highways and Beaver Creek. This stylized graphic is paired with an equally quirky font and can be used in various implementations. 

Rural Lender builds trust with security.

Logo + Iconography was established to provide quick and easy access to qualified borrowers in rural areas with a focus on agricultural lending. Working with a remote team, I was able to work via video conference to help flesh out their ideas and design a logo that would help tell people who AgCredit was. 


This project was challenging because we had to bridge the gap between ag and financial iconography, and both spaces are already crowded with well-known institutions. Our goal was to build an identity that would build awareness of a new service in areas where internet connectivity is unreliable, therefore, underutilized. 


By relying on elements representing growth and security, I created a clean icon that helped launch the rest of the logo identity. Color selection was key, and we relied heavily on warm, natural colors. Now AgCredit has a logo system that inspires confidence in its ability to help agricultural operations grow with financial security.

Establishing a New Brand, Focusing On Connection and Community.

Logo + Brand + Iconography + Social Media Management

The Village Recreation League (VRL) of Dodge, Nebraska, offers recreational sports for area residents. Participants from a 50-mile radius come to take part in a women's volleyball league on Tuesday nights and a co-ed sand volleyball league on Thursdays. Two additional coed tournaments draw teams from over 100 miles away to this small town.


This project developed a VRL identity the league could use for event promotion. We focused on promotion through Facebook to attract fans, participants, and newcomers. Since the league started in 2014, the VRL brand has consistently appeared across all promotional material, including flyers, signup sheets, giveaways, and social channels. In that time, we’ve measured consistent brand recognition and growth. 


Each year draws more participants as the word spreads and welcomes more people to the brand. The VRL logo appears on multiple collateral materials, including championship t-shirts and other branded items the league provides to participants. Selective distribution gives an air of exclusivity to items with the logo. Now, throughout each season, participants compete to claim VRL Championship gear for their team.