Building a beautiful, successful, impactful brand matters to me.


My passion lies in brand development: creating logos, choosing colors, developing looks, and guiding how a brand evolves. People attach themselves emotionally to brands. I want to make sure you build your identity on a strong foundation. Helping new and established businesses accomplish their goals through effective brand design is my professional strength.

I want to get to know you, your team, and your business. I want to show you off to the world. It’s what I love to do.

Establishing a New Brand, Focusing On Connection and Community.

Logo + Brand + Iconography + Social Media Management


The Village Recreation League (VRL) of Dodge, NE, offers recreational sports for area residents. Participants from a 50-mile radius come to take part in a women's volleyball league on Tuesday nights and a co-ed sand volleyball league on Thursdays. Two additional coed tournaments draw teams from over 100 miles away to this small town.


This project developed a VRL identity the league could use for event promotion. We focused on promotion through Facebook to attract fans, participants, and newcomers. Since the league started in 2014, the VRL brand has consistently appeared across all promotional material, including flyers, signup sheets, giveaways, and social channels. In that time, we’ve measured consistent brand recognition and growth. 


Each year draws more participants as the word spreads and welcomes more people to the brand. The VRL logo appears on multiple collateral materials, including championship t-shirts and other branded items the league provides to participants. Selective distribution gives an air of exclusivity to items with the logo. Now, throughout each season, participants compete to claim VRL Championship gear for their team.

A Small Community With Big Ambition.

Logo + Brand + Iconography + Website + Social Media Setup

The Wisner Area Chamber of Commerce hired me to build their brand, social presence, and website. Beginning with logo design, we worked together to create a clean, approachable design the area’s business leaders could support.


The main ideas driving this identity system included themes relevant to Wisner, NE, a small town on the banks of the Elkhorn River. Everything about this logo needed to embody a small town's forward expansion while tying back to its roots. A strong serif font served as the main text, and waving lines implied the presence of water. The logo serves the dual purpose of visually intriguing the viewer while reinforcing Wisner’s connection to the Elkhorn River as a tourism and recreation source.

The colors and visuals established for the Wisner Area Chamber of Commerce brand extended from a single logo into a full brand package, including iconography for use on social channels, photography, and drone images shot by a contracted pilot.

Creative Themes For The Stage.

Logo +  Iconography

Norfolk, a small Nebraska city that boasts a huge creative side, approached me to do a series of promotional posters for a season of plays at the Norfolk Community Theatre. The client enjoyed my work so much they hired me again to develop a logo that would give their organization some much needed oomph.


The Norfolk Community Theatre is comprised of multiple generations of actors. They put on a variety of shows with the local community college and perform modern and classical plays. The group wanted something modern and eye-catching with easily identifiable features across their volunteer-run social media profiles and website. Overlapping colored blocks containing the acronym NCT were angled and colored to resemble stage lights. The blocks can be configured in any color scheme to accommodate show themes, playbill layouts, or other applications.

One Hundred Fifty Years of Celebration.


Logo + Event Collateral

In 2016, the City of Norfolk made an open call for artists to submit proposals for a 150th anniversary logo. Mine was selected from the top five options submitted to the celebratory committee and was implemented across all promotional and event collateral throughout the year.


The logo stemmed from the area’s close ties to agriculture and the Elkhorn River, the lifeblood of Norfolk since its founding in 1886.

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