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Don't build a site that sits there. Instead, build a site with a purpose.


Too many times I see clients with websites that sit there without any purpose or meaningful content. Let's change that. 

I'll work with you to build a site that attracts customers and accomplishes your goal - inform people about your business in a functional way that creates a lasting impression.

  • Layout design for desktop and mobile

  • Basic SEO

  • Keyword research

  • Writing and content creation 

  • Reclaim old accounts

  • Connecting to analytics and search consols

  • Site monitoring and updates

Infinity Financial Services


Website Redesign + Content Creation + Basic SEO + Keyword Research

Site Purpose: Draw in new financial advisors and improve user experience.

Infinity Financial Services enlisted my services mainly because of my expertise in the Wix website management platform, where their site was, and continues to be hosted. After establishing their goals for the site and completing some competitive research, I was able to reframe the site to help improve the user experience and improve the way search engines crawled their site.


A year after their redesign, their organic keyword rankings showed an estimated increase of 12.5%, with an estimated 84.6% increase in keywords found in the top 10 SERP rankings.


Hollmann Consulting, LLC.

Website Design 

Site purpose: Increase brand awareness, implement SEO tactics provided by client

Hollmann Consulting is led by a former colleague with massive marketing and SEO chops! Her consulting services cater to small businesses that struggle with strategic planning, marketing,  social media strategies, analytics, and search engine optimization, among other needs. 

Being a certified SEO specialist, Ms. Hollmann wrote the site's content herself. And, having an excellent sense of each other's working styles, she left the site's design up to me. I utilized the logo and brand colors provided according to her guidelines and tried something new - Lottie animations! Lottie animations are an innovative way to add movement and interest to your site without the bulky file sizes of animated GIFs or videos. 


Dodge Dental

Website Redesign + Content Creation + Basic SEO + Competitive Research + Google Analytics and Google Search Console Connection + Keyword Research 

Site purpose: Increase knowledge of services, build awareness, and improve local SEO

Before their site redesign, contained only two pages, neither of which had adequate content and had not been updated since the mid-2000s. After establishing the best keywords to increase local search traffic, I worked with Dr. Chad Ortmeier to ensure the content was accurate and easy to understand.


As a result of our SEO efforts, the site showed an estimated 262.5% increase in ranked keywords!

I was able to modernize the site's look with a bold, new color scheme, helped out by on-site photos taken by a local photographer. We hoped to increase confidence and familiarity with current and future clients by having each dental team member complete a small biography. The site is set up for future expansion and potential implementation of digital advertising, should the customer decide to move in that direction. 


Provision Chiropractic and Wellness

Website Design + Content Creation + Basic SEO + Patient Forms + Claim and Connect to New and Old Google My Business Profiles + Google Analytics and Google Search Console Connection + Keyword Research + On-Site Photography

Site purpose: Increase Walk-In Traffic and Patient Visits

Provision Chiropractic and Wellness is a clinic located in Lincoln, Nebraska. When starting an independent practice, Dr. Brad Hochstein asked me to develop his website based on the bullets of information he provided me. I completed keyword research and worked through drafts of verbiage with team members to ensure their message was clear and the information was easy to read.

I performed an on-site photo shoot with staff and models to help fill out the site and provide prospective patients some insight into how their treatment sessions will look. 


Farmstead Candle Co.

Website Updates + Content Creation + Brand Development + Claim and Connect to Google Business + Google Search Console Connection + Email Marketing + URL Organization + Keyword Research

Site purpose: eCommerce

Farmstead Candle Co. is a single-woman shop out of Rosalie, Nebraska. She makes and sells her own candles, wax melts, and air fresheners. The owner came to me for help with a label design for one of her candles, and the project grew from there. After designing a new logo and color scheme, I redesigned her website layout and content, implemented keywords, and helped clean up her URL structures.

We also claimed her Google Business profile, implemented email campaigns, and rebranded after a name change.


Pruss Excavation

Website Design + Content Creation + Employment Application + Claim and Connect to Google Business + Google Analytics and Google Search Console Connection + Keyword Research

Site purpose: Lead Generation

Pruss Excavation is a dirt-moving company out of Dodge, Nebraska. Their site hadn’t received any major software or content updates for about eight years before I took over the project. I worked with the project manager to create updated content and a more user-friendly site flow. 

We transferred the host and content management system to a new platform, rebuilt the site to be mobile-friendly, and ensured the site could be easily updated.


Prime Stop

Website Design + Content Creation + Site Photography + Employment Application + Connect to Google Business

Site purpose: Location and Employment Information

Prime Stop is a chain of three gas stations and convenience stores located in Wisner, Wayne, and Norfolk, Nebraska. They wanted a single site to help customers find their locations, connect to their Google Business account, and find employment information. 

This project included the purchase of a domain, hosting, and content management system setup. The site is mobile-friendly and can be updated by the client. 

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