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How To Take Criticism

Everyone is subject to criticism every now and then. Being in a field where so much is subject to others' tastes and views, graphic designers need to have a thick skin.

I was recently featured in a community discussion on Outwit Trade, a site that features discussions and reviews on various topics. This particular article, by Katie Holmes, posed a specific question about criticism: Many of us struggle to take legitimate criticism. For those who have learned to take criticism well, what primary piece of advice can you share for others?

I can tell you that I have a wealth of experience giving and receiving criticisms about design work. I receive them daily from my clients, and I've given plenty as a former adjunct instructor of graphic design.

How do you deal with criticism? Have you dealt with any harsh critics that made you feel terrible? How did you overcome that feeling?

Leave a message in the comments and share your experience!

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