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So You Have A Brand New Logo...Now What?

You've paid someone to design your logo. But, how do you make it work for your business?

A well designed logo can make all the difference when it comes to building your brand. If you're reading this, you no doubt have a stunning design that you are ready to implement.

If you don't, what are you waiting for? Give me a call and we'll get to work! Or you can read more about how to start your branding journey on my post: The Step-By-Step Journey to Building Your Brand.

Verify that you have all the appropriate file types.

It's important to make sure that you have all the correct variations of your design when you come to the end of your new logo development. When I close out a project, my clients leave with a digital package containing JPG, PNG, EPS, and PDF files of the main logo and at least two other color combinations.

If your new logo was designed correctly in a vector based program, such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, then it's easy to export each of these file types. How can you tell if your logo was drawn correctly? An EPS or PDF file created from a vector based drawing will scale up or down without any pixelation. Also, think of the various layouts that you'll need. Will your new logo fit in horizontal applications as well as vertical? In an ideal situation, your logo will be responsive.

Read more about responsive design in my post entitled "What Is A Responsive Logo?" You should consider having various logo layouts that work in condensed imprint areas. For instance, most social media channels only accept square artwork which is then cropped into a circle. Black, white, and full-color variations are always a good thing to have in your arsenal as well. These variations will give you options when there are printing limitations or colored backgrounds. For instance, if your new logo features dark purple, you would have a hard time seeing it when placed on a dark background.

Implementation! This is the fun part.

Now that you have your new logo, USE IT! Put it everywhere. Put it as your social media profile. Put it on your invoices, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. Add it to your email signature. Print coasters with your business information and leave them on the table at your local watering hole. The sky's the limit!

You are your biggest advocate, so talk yourself up and show yourself off.

The point of your new logo is to tell people about your business. Think about a strategy that you can implement. Consider budget, scope, and techniques that can push your brand to the next level. Your logo, in combination with your color scheme and supplementary graphics, should make a huge impact visually.

You are your biggest advocate, so talk yourself up and show yourself off. The more often you get your name out there, the more people will see your business and the more recognizable you'll be!

Maintain Consistency 

One of the most important things you can do with your new logo is to maintain consistency. It can be tempting to change things up once you get tired of a graphic, font style, or color. But however tantalizing the next great style is - DON'T DO IT! It would be the equivalent of shooting your business in the foot. Just because you've seen your advertisement a thousand times, doesn't mean everyone else has. It's still fresh to outsiders and those unfamiliar with your business.

Think about how large, well established companies handle their own nationally recognized brands. Let's look at Budweiser: you would never expect their commercials to feature horses other than clydesdales and you would never look for something other than their red and white boxes in the liquor store. 

These features are so ingrained in the history and story of the brew, they are almost as important as the Budwiser script and the crown icon. Anheuser-Busch's brand implementation is exactly why Bud is the "king of beers'' (see what I did there?). Even their slogan sticks in your memory because of the number of times you've heard it.

Let me repeat myself, consistency is key! Say it with me, "consistency is key!"

Hopefully, by following these three tips, you'll soon be on your way to utilizing your new logo in a way that will make a positive impression for your business. First, by starting with the correct file types and layouts you can use your logo in a variety of situations. Then you can develop a plan for implementation that works for you and your budget. Finally, by consistently using your logo, colors and graphics, you can build a solid brand that people recognize and connect with.

Consistency is key!

If you are struggling with any of the concepts or steps listed in this article, please reach out and message me! We can work together to develop a guide that will set you on the right path to becoming a recognizable brand!

Image by jungwoo hong on unsplash.

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